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Call for Papers
We invite you to submit high quality papers for review and possible publication in all areas of engineering, science and technology. All authors must agree on the content of the manuscript and its submission for publication in this journal before it is submitted to us. Manuscripts should be submitted by e-mail to the Editor at:      Template

Call for Reviewers
Scholars interested in serving as volunteer reviewers should indicate interest by sending their full curriculum vitae to us. Reviewers determine submissions that are of quality. Since they are expected to be experts in their areas, they should comment on the significance of the reviewed manuscript and whether the research contributes to knowledge and advances both theory and practice in the area.

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice - IJEST

Aims and Scope
IJEST is an international peer-reviewed, electronic, online journal published by MultiCraft. The aim and scope of the journal is to provide an academic medium and an important reference for the advancement and dissemination of research results that support high-level learning, teaching and research in the fields of engineering, science and technology. Original theoretical work and application-based studies, which contributes to a better understanding of engineering, science and technological challenges, are encouraged.

Editor: S.A. Oke, PhD, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Lagos, Nigeria
Associate Editor (Electrical Engineering): S.N. Singh, PhD, Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur-208016, India E-mail: snsingh[AT]
Associate Editor (Environmental Engineering) : Jian Lu, PhD, Indian River Research and Education Center, University of Florida, 2199 South Rock Road, Fort Pierce, FL 34945-3138, USA
Email: lujian.leonard[AT]
Associate Editor (Computational Mechanics and Tribology): Prasanta Sahoo, PhD, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. E-mail: psjume[AT]
Associate Editor (Environmental Science): R.M. Jingura, PhD, Chinhoyi University of Technology, Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe,
Email: rjingura[AT]
Associate Editor (Operations Management): S. S. Mahapatra, PhD, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Rourkela, Rourkela- 769008, India
E-mail: mahapatrass2003[AT]
Associate Editor (Logistics and Supply Chain Management): Eleonora Bottani, Ph.D., Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Parma, viale G.P.Usberti 181/A, 43124 Parma - Italy
Email: eleonora.bottani[AT]
Associate Editor (Metallurgy and Materials): Shashi Anand, Ph.D., Retd. Sc.G, IMMT, Bhunabeswar, Orissa; Presently: Adjunct Professor (off campus), Faculty of Minerals and Energy, Murdoch University, Western Australia, Perth, Australia Email: anand.shashi[AT]

Editorial Board Members
Kyoji Kamemoto (Japan)
M. Abdus Sobhan (Bangladesh)
Sri Niwas Singh (India)
Shashank Thakre (India)
Jun Wu (USA)
Jian Lu (USA)
Raphael Jingura (Zimbabwe)
V. Sivasubramanian (India)
Shaw Voon Wong (Malaysia)
Tzung-Pei Hong (Taiwan)
N. W. Ingole (India)
Fatih Camci (Turkey)
Milorad Bojic (Serbia)
Asim Kumar Pal (India)
Prasanta Sahoo (India)
Vidosav D. Majstorovich (Serbia)
K. Somasundaram (India)
Shashi Anand (India)
Ian Blenkharn (UK)
Petr Konas (Czech Republic)
Angelo Basile (Italy)
Syed Asif Raza (Qatar)
Atif Iqbal (India)
MKS Sastry (West Indies)
Eleonora Bottani (Italy)
S. Vinodh (India)
Shashidhar Kudari (India)
Elizabeth Anne Cudney (USA)
Debojyoti Mitra (India)
Ottavia Corbi (Italy)
Haitao Huang (Hong Kong)
P. Thangavelu (India)
Yechun Wang (USA)
Alistair Thompson McIlhagger (UK)
Journal Policy
International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology (IJEST) publishes articles that emphasizes research, development and application within the fields of engineering, science and technology. All manuscripts are pre-reviewed by the editor, and if appropriate, sent for blind peer review. Contributions must be original, not previously or simultaneously published elsewhere, and are critically reviewed before they are published. Papers, which must be written in English, should have sound grammar and proper terminologies.

Volume 6, Number 1, 2014
Volume 3, Number 9, 2011
Volume 3, Number 8, 2011
Volume 3, Number 7, 2011
Volume 3, Number 6, 2011
Volume 3, Number 5, 2011
Volume 3, Number 4, 2011
Volume 3, Number 3, 2011
Volume 3, Number 2, 2011
Volume 3, Number 1, 2011
Volume 2, Number 12, 2010
Volume 2, Number 11, 2010
Volume 2, Number 10, 2010
Volume 2, Number 9, 2010
Volume 2, Number 8, 2010
Volume 2, Number 7, 2010
Volume 2, Number 6, 2010
Volume 2, Number 5, 2010
Volume 2, Number 4, 2010
Volume 2, Number 3, 2010

Volume 2, Number 2, 2010
Volume 2, Number 1, 2010

Volume 1, Number 1, 2009

Special Issue on: “Robotics and Applications”
Guest Editors: Jun Ye, L.L. Shi, W.B. Lee

Special Issue on: “Fracture and Fatigue”
Guest Editors: Shashidhar K Kudari, Sarp Adali

Special Issue on: “Engineering Applications of Evolutionary Computation”
Guest Editors: Tzung-Pei Hong, Chuan-Kang Ting

Special Issue on: “Quality Management”
Guest Editors: Elizabeth A. Cudney, Cassandra C. Elrod, Kioumars Paryani

Special Issue on: "Recent Developments and Key Issues in Wind Science, Engineering and Technology"
Guest Editors: S.N. Singh, Debojyoti Mitra, Jai Govind SinghSpecial Issue on: "* Coming Out Soon*"
Guest Editors: Amir Nassirharand and Rajeeb Dey

Special Issue on: “Thermal Sciences and Engineering”
Guest Editors: Debojyoti Mitra, Onkar Singh

Special Issue on: “Continuum Mechanics and Earthquake Seismology”
Guest Editors: Amares Chattopadhyay and M. Tajuddin

Special Issue on: “Intelligent Control and Diagnosis for Dynamic Systems”
Guest Editors: Dingli Yu and Mahavir Singh Sangha

Special Issue on: “Power System and Apparatus Transients Measurement, Modeling and Simulation”
Guest Editors: G. B. Gharehpetian and B. Vahidi

Special Issue on: “Seismic Bridge Assessment Methodologies”
Guest Editors: J. Jara and H. Varum

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